School Emblem

The Emblem symbolizes the divine task and sincere intention to carry out and achieve the basic aims of education.

The emblem is encrusted in a shield, a symbol of protection in the battle against evil. It is the flag of victory and the heights of glory to which knowledge leads.

The open book reflects the treasure of wisdom, attained through the learning process. It is reminiscent of the Holy Bible, which exhorts that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

The cross, a symbol of Love and Sacrifice, urges mankind to seek the Almighty, share the divine love, and follow the path of peace and reconciliation.

The sketch of India stands for the bounden duty to preserve and uphold the rich and varied cultural heritage of our nation. The circle in the centre represents perfection of knowledge. The burning candle reminds us to shine forth with the attainment of knowledge and wisdom and also prompts us to give than to gain.

The olive branches stand for the zest for peace. The sprout marks the growth of personality, achieves its fullness through knowledge