Parent Teacher Meeting

The potentials of children are to be recognized and encouraged both by the parents as well as the teachers. Thus, for their holistic development, the interaction between the parents and teachers is very important. PTM is a source to assess the capabilities, to solve the underlying problems of the children. The seriousness of the PTM will help in promoting the self- esteem and self-confidence of students, which will help in the steady progress of the ward in achieving better results.

The parents are requested to bring their ward/wards along with them in proper school uniform when they attend the PTM, Remarks by the teachers on the P.T.M. register must be read and duly signed by the parents.

Regular absence of parents from PTMs will be seriously viewed.

On PTM days the Principal will not be available for meetings with parents. PTM Timings: 8:00 am to 10:30 am