School Fees
  • The school fee is collected in six bi-monthly installments in advance as per the schedule given below.
    (April-May / June-July / August-September / October-November / December-January / February-March)
  • The fee should be deposited on or before the 15th of the months mentioned above. A late fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged from 16th onwards till the end of the month. In addition to that Rs. 50/- will be charged to every 15 days till the payment date.
  • All fees should be paid through Cheque/DD. It should be drawn in favour of :-
    For classes I to VII - ST. JOHN’S SCHOOL
    Name, class and Admn. No. should be written on the reverse of the cheque.
  • In case a cheque bounces, the amount mentioned in the cheque along with the bounce charges of Rs. 200/- have to be made only by DD.
  • Outstation or post dated cheques are not acceptable.
  • The school fee is subject to revise from time to time due to the maintenance and other expenses.
  • Except caution deposit, fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • The name of the fee defaulter for two months will be struck off from the rolls. The student may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal on payment of all the arrears and admission fee.
  • One month notice in writing is required before a child discontinues the school. Otherwise a month’s fee will be levied.
  • Pupils will not be allowed to sit for examination unless all dues are cleared.
  • A child who joins the school any time during the academic year will have to pay the fees for the whole year.
  • Parents are requested to keep all the fee book receipts issued to them. They may have to produce them, if required to do so.
  • Parents are requested not to send cheques through their wards. They are expected to drop them personally in the drop box at the fee counter after furnishing all relevant details.

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