1 Mr. Santhosh Sebastian Principal M.A, B.Ed, LL.B
2 Ms. Shipra Vohra Academic In Charge B.A, PTT,NTT, B.Ed (P)
3 Ms. Aarti NTT M.Com, NTT, B.Ed (P)
4 Ms. Asha Sharma NTT M.A, B.Ed
5 Ms. Barnali Biswas NTT M.A, B.Ed
6 Ms. Geeta Arya Mahajan NTT B.A, NPTT
7 Ms. Isha Chauhan NTT M.Com, NTT
8 Ms. Kalpna Rani NTT M.A, NTT, B.Ed
9 Ms. Kamal Preet NTT M.Com, NTT
10 Ms. Meena Sharma NTT MCA, NTT, PTT
11 Ms. Nazia Zaidi NTT B.A, NTT
12 Ms. Ramanpreet NTT M.A, B.Ed
13 Ms. Rashi Devendra NTT B.A, PGDCA, NTT
14 Ms. Rashmita Sarker NTT B.A, NPTT
15 Ms. Shivangi Kulshreshtha NTT M.B.A,M.C.A, NTT
16 Ms. Shruti R. S NTT M.Com, NTT, PTT
17 Ms. Shweta Sukhija NTT M.Com, NTT, B.Ed
18 Ms. Sunaina Sanyal NTT M.A, E.C.C.E
19 Ms. Alisha Tiwari PRT MBA, B.Ed
20 Ms. Beena Babu PRT B.A, B.Ed
21 Ms. Deepa Pokhrel PRT B.Sc, NTT, B.Ed
22 Ms. Deepti Srivastava PRT M.A, B.Ed
23 Ms. Divya James PRT M.Sc, B.Ed
24 Ms. Gopa Mukherjee PRT B.A, B.Ed
25 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur PRT M.A, B.Ed
26 Ms. Indu Singh PRT M.A, B.Ed
27 Ms. Jilu.V.Joy PRT M.Sc, B.Ed
28 Ms. Khushboo Rawat PRT B.Com, B.Ed
29 Ms. Mamta PRT M.A, B.Ed
30 Ms. Neelam Singh PRT M.A, B.Ed
31 Ms. Poonam Chaudhary PRT B.A, B.Ed
32 Ms. Pooja Gautam PRT M.Com, B.Ed
33 Ms. Preeti Bobby Verghese PRT B.Com, B.Ed
34 Ms. Preeti Kasera PRT M.A, B.Ed
35 Ms. Shilpi Mukherjee PRT M.Com,B.Ed
36 Ms. Sneha PRT B.E, B.Ed (P)
37 Ms. Sruthi Nair PRT M.A, B.Ed
38 Ms. Swati Srivastava PRT M.Sc, B.Ed
39 Ms. Tanu Rana PRT B.Com, B.Ed
40 Ms. Akanksha Newton TGT B.A, B.Ed
41 Ms. Anju Bala TGT M.A, M.Ed
42 Ms. Gunjan Ahuja TGT M.C.A, M.Tech, B.Ed (P)
43 Ms. Kamal Nagar TGT M.Sc, M.Phil, M.Ed
44 Ms. Maneesha K.P TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
45 Ms. Sakshi Chaabra TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
46 Ms. Smita Srivastava TGT M.A, B.Ed
47 Ms. Srividhya Balaji TGT B.Sc, B.Ed
48 Ms. Priyanka M Arora TGT M.A, B.Ed
49 Ms. Sonal Srivastava TGT MCA, B.Ed (P)
50 Ms. Garima Rani PRT (Music) M.A,B.Ed, Diploma in Music
51 Ms. Anuradha Choudhary PRT (PTI) B.Com, B.P.Ed
52 Mr. Ajay Tyagi TGT (PTI) B.A, B.P.Ed
53 Ms. Aditi Khare PRT (Librarian) M.Lib.I.Sc

of St. John's School, Greater Noida West

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